About Charity

About Charity

“At the center of every fairy tale lay a truth that gave the story its power.” ~ Susan Wiggs, The You I Never Knew

I grew up on fairy tales. Beyond just the usual readings, I would scour the shelves at the library for various versions of familiar stories. I remember the day I discovered Robin McKinley’s Beauty, and the doors that opened in my imagination—the first idea that stories were not fixed but mutable—that stories could be changed. When Disney gave The Little Mermaid a happy ending, I rejoiced. I’m the girl who said “Yes!” when Vivian tells Edward that she wants the fairy tale in Pretty Woman, because so do I. One thing I’ve learned, though—no one is going to come and rescue you, and happily ever after isn’t just about finding your perfect Prince Charming.

 “It’s easy to be a damsel, it’s not easy to be a heroine.” – Christine Kane

You can find a full version of my story here, but here’s the short version:

I had a dream, a big one, that involved Hollywood and a New York publishing house. But it felt too big, and I didn’t know how to find the support I needed, and I got scared. So, I left LA and tucked my novel away, and went to law school. Three years later I learned a startling truth: I hated being a lawyer. Maybe it was the type of law, maybe it was the particular office, maybe it was just my soul crying to be free. Whatever it was, I knew I wanted out. But I didn’t know how. Maybe an agent would like my book (the one I kept not finishing). Maybe a producer would give me a speaking role in one of the films done in town (that I never auditioned for). Surely, someone, somewhere was going to sweep in and save me, right? That’s how stories go.

Then I discovered the first of my coaches, and her message was clear—no one is going to come and save you, and, even if they did—how empowering is that? After years of misery as an attorney, feeling like I was selling my soul for money and security, I decided enough was enough. I didn’t care what the message was, if it offered a way out, I was willing to try it. She was right—she didn’t save me. But she taught me to save myself.

I took control of my life. I stopped being a damsel—and I became the heroine, instead.

Now, three years after that first realization, I am as far away as I can be from that old life: physically, mentally and spiritually. I quit being an attorney and returned to what I loved—teaching and mentoring others. Stepping out of that stifling, toxic atmosphere into a new life filled with creativity, light and purpose truly is being set free. I wake up excited to start the day each day, and watch the story I’m creating for my life unfold, knowing I’m bringing something powerful and magical into the world.

In becoming the heroine of my own life, I found myself transformed into the wise woman, the guide along the way, like my coach was, and is, for me. And my purpose in life is to help other damsels locked in their towers to become heroines, as well. You can have that same excitement I wake up with each day, that same sense of purpose.

I work with creative and quirky women, using the power of story and storytelling to help them heal their past and empower their future so that they can create their unique happily ever after. That happy ever after may not look like anything they have ever imagined, when we start, but it becomes more than they ever dreamed possible.

We all have a story to tell—and we all have stories we’re telling that no longer serve our highest path, stories we need to revise or change the ending to. If you’re feeling stuck, or like you’ve walled yourself up in a tower you don’t know the way out of; if you are lost in the woods and can’t seem to find even a light, let alone the path: I have a program for you and a way to help you discover who you were always meant to be.

I would love the chance to work with you: to hear your story and help you create one that serves your purpose in this world.Contact me for a complimentary 30 minute Story Session to start revising your own story and let me help you find a way to become the hero or heroine of the greatest adventure you’ll ever embark upon: your life.